Digital record-keeping

Technical qualification is one crucial factor for success; the other one is time. Time is money. Speed is essential in processing your tax requirements, as it saves you costs and helps you in decision-making.

Therefore, digital data processing is becoming more and more important for us as tax advisors. Digital record-keeping is a fundamental component of this. It is the future of accounting. As records are entered over the Internet, digital record-keeping is possible for all sectors and from any location in Germany.

Your advantages:

  • You keep the originals
  • We obtain electronic copies of your records and enter them in the books – on the same day, if desired
  • Automated online payments of the recorded invoices
  • Current reminder lists for you
  • Electronically searchable records archive
  • Records are kept in the DATEV computer centre for 10 years (data security)
  • Geographic distance is no longer a problem!